Monday, 19 December 2011

Jeong-hee Shin

Jeong-hee Shin is a Dunedin fashion designer – or in her own words “glorified dress maker” and the creative impulse behind the label mu.  This space is where she runs her business as a freelance designer.  She creates her own designs to sell in shops, makes clothes to order and also makes patterns.

Her studio space suits her perfectly – it’s an area where she can make a mess, close the door then walk away.  Not something you can do in the typical family living room.  The best things about the studio are her huge cupboards (which have been lugged around from studio to studio), there’s fantastic natural light from the wall to wall windows and she has views right across the CBD of Dunedin.

Being in the King Edward Court means that Jeong-hee is part of the mini village, nurtured by the building manager Roberta Coutts.  She also loves the fact that she’s able to change the décor in her studio – something encouraged by Roberta, where other building managers wouldn’t even care about, let alone help out.

Jeong-hee works for herself and doesn’t employ anyone, but she does share the studio with two other designers.  She prefers to work this way.  She spent about 12 years working for others and “running around after people’s egos”.    Her aim now is to just make a living – not to be famous, but to do what she loves doing.  Jeong-hee describes her clothes as “not that difficult to wear.  I just wanted to make…simple women’s clothes” – particularly those that can be layered. Perfect for Dunedin!

Jeong-hee’s creations can be found at DADA Manifesto Ltd on Moray Place or you can contact her through facebook under her label name: mu

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